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    Fredhopper, onsite search and merchandizing

    The perfect hybrid between data driven and human controlled on-site search,

    navigation, recommendations and visual merchandizing tactics

    for leading retailers and brands.

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    We serve 200+ global brands

Why Fredhopper?

from International

to Global

  • Global, cloud-based, onsite search
  • Support in more than 40 languages
  • Workflows for Merchandising teams

from Static shelf

to Digital aisle

  • Visual and Data-driven Merchandising
  • Specialized merchandising search algorithms
  • Create your own Ranking Cocktails
  • Advanced language analysis, stemming and spell checking

from Transaction

to Experience

  • Omni-channel personalised search results
  • Real-time adaptive personalisation
  • Mix and A/B test multiple personalisation strategies
  • What really impressed us about Fredhopper,
    apart from the software, was the level of professionalism
    evident in the consultation process resulting in a 40% sales increase

  • They fully understand our challenges and continuously
    deliver solutions which exceed our expectations

Optimize conversion rates by 40%

Guide your customers’ journey

Increase order values by 25%

Use personalized upsell, cross-sell and promotional opportunities

Get 40% more productive

Streamline and automate the customer experience

Speaks 40 languages fluently

Serving global online brands


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We serve global brands

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