From International to Global

Ready to grow from an (inter)national retailer to a true global player? You’ll face some challenges along the way. It can be difficult to maintain the best customer experience, whilst supporting different teams around the globe.

Fredhopper has worked with many leading global online retailers. So we’ve learned what it takes to support these challenges. Like mastering the back-end by providing global, cloud-based, onsite search. Opening the door to expansion by supporting more than 40 languages. And keeping you in control by giving you a single, central solution to support workflows for different merchandising teams.

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From Static Shelf to Digital Aisle

Digital Merchandising heroes know the secret of eCommerce. To manage the digital aisle, you need to take control. You need the right insight and solutions to execute the most effective strategies.

Fredhopper gives you the tools to combine data-driven and visual merchandising. Specialised merchandising search algorithms that help you optimise your onsite search. The power to create your own ‘Ranking Cocktails’, so you can beat the black box and truly optimise conversion rates.

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From Transaction to Experience

You don’t want to optimise your online customer’s transaction. You want to make sure they have the best experience possible.

Fredhopper can help you provide personal search results, across devices and touchpoints. Apply real-time, adaptive personalisation you can optimise on the fly. Use a mix of personalisation strategies and A/B tests to find the winning strategies for your company.

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