Fredhopper implements a 3-tiered personalization strategy that integrates seamlessly in the existing Business Rules, Merchandising and Business UI allowing for consistent user experience and efficient delivery of personalized search results.
Fredhopper provides a complete Business UI including flexible Workflow Management for Search & Merchandising teams and Visual Merchandising capabilities via efficient drag'n'drop user interaction.
Fredhopper combines its Search & Navigation core with a completely integrated Business Rules engine and an extensible Merchandising API. As a result Fredhopper allows unmatched flexibility in both the merchandising model and the business rule composition.
At the core of Fredhopper lies a sophisticated combination of algorithms, linguistics and a high-performance execution engine. We know product search in detail and provide unique features to support its specific use cases. Furthermore Fredhopper runs a global SaaS operation, powering billions of queries per year across the globe.

Onsite Search and Navigation

We speak fluently 40+ languages, more than any other enterprise search vendor, but more importantly, we speak the language of your shoppers. We understand not only what they type but what they actually mean and guide them further through your digital shelves. Fredhopper offers unmatched control over the result precision, organization and ranking.

Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising allows merchandisers to quickly and efficiently organize product results via drag'n'drop interaction UI. Fredhopper's Visual Merchandising goes way beyond basic product shuffling and offers unparalleled possibilities for digital aisle organization, long-tail product exposure optimization, mix of automated and hand-picked business rules, A/B testing capabilities, application of personalization strategies, adaptive multi-channel business rules and more.

Personalization and Recommendations

Fredhopper's tiered personalization strategy escapes the "black box" paradigm and allows for multiple personalization strategies even within a single search & navigation result.

With support for segmentation, historical data analysis, predictive targeting and adaptive personalization, Fredhopper can accommodate your personalization needs while still keeping you in control.

Merchandising and Control

The right product to the right person at the right time. Fredhopper evaluates the context of every customer interaction and combines algorithms and user-defined rules to deliver the optimal result set. UI designed for merchandisers supports the management of business rules and provides total transparency.

We scale where others drop-off

Running a global business requires global solutions. Fredhoppers is the only solution on the market providing global search & merchandising SaaS with high SLA guarantees. Depending on where your online shop operates you just point your queries to the nearest API endpoint, additional capabilities ensure service continuity by smart query routing. Data stream isolation brings independent international operations that still benefit from global/local business rule triggering.