Great people create great software!

We have more than 10 nationalities across our offices, everyone shares our passion for advancing the art and science of selling online. We want all Freddies to feel like they work with Fredhopper, not for Fredhopper. We think it's important to have a good time while working and after work.

Now we're a team that values and creates high quality software without cutting corners or accumulating technical debt. The above doesn't mean we don't aim high - it only gives us room for research, the ability to innovate and lead the industry forward.

We don't believe in large teams - we believe in smaller groups of highly efficient people. If you happen to like such an environment and would like to explore, let's talk.

What we do

Algorithms and Data structures at the core, UX at the top, Java all between


We've always kept strong ties with the Academic world because, as expected, that's where we come from. During the years we've collaborated with research groups and universities on a number of projects, EU funded initiatives and research papers.

Internally we constantly push the boundaries and run research projects that aim to take us on the next level.


We run an agile development process, a modified version of Scrum. Our goal has always been efficiency and continuous delivery of our software to our customers.

Fast iterations give us the feature flexibility, the automated test framework gives us the security to deploy hot out of the oven.


We're focusing on the core Java stack using it across all our modules. Main area of attention are concurrency, garbage collection and efficient memory management, high performance HTTP stack and long term maintainability of the code base.

The Information Retrieval stack uses an in-house high-performance spatial data structure in combination with a Lucene based inverted index with multiple e-commerce specific improvements and customizations. In HTTP land we rely on Tomcat and Jersey, Wicket for the UI layer, Oryx and Mahout for Recommendations and Machine Learning, JBoss Drools core for rule-based decisioning.

Testing is a very important area for us, having so many transactions depending on us daily we need to be sure our implementation is correct. We've automated the hell out of our software running multiple automated test environments delivering aggregated reports.

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